Certified Genius Invents a Brighter Future

We have a certified genius in our midst. OK we have lots of geniuses in town, but only one Montrealer was duly certified at the third World Genius Convention in Tokyo last October.

Gregory Lekhtman, a Montreal inventor and electrical engineer, was presented with a gold medal in tribute to his awesome cerebral powers by convention chairman Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats.

"Now that's a genius," marvels Lekhtman. "Nakamats is Japan's Edison. And among his inventions was something called the floppy computer disk."

When not inventing Nakamats scours the globe in search of geniuses. Evidently there are dozens of invention conventions held annually all over the world, and Nakamats selects the most budding brains to participate at his World Genius Convention.

Nakamats discovered Lekhtman at one such invention convention in California. While he hasn't counted, Lekhtman figures he's come up with 150 to 200 different inventions, mostly relating to medicine and fitness.

"I didn't go to the convention to proclaim myself a genius," says Lekhtman. "My concern was that my inventions be of help to global problems and the betterment of human life - that we live longer without stress."

Inventions like Lekhtman's anti-headache device, his Telepulse or his Exerlopers.

Among his other inventions are tiny fitness computers, muscle analysers and an Insta-pulse monitor - a cylindrical device that looks like an old German army grenade. But the one that really stands out is Lekhtman's Exerlopers, the ultimate pair of running shoes.

"People laugh at anything new and different. They've laughed at every good invention - cars, bicycles you name it. It takes years before an invention is accepted. They laughed at my Insta-pulse 12 years ago but now they're fashionable. Furthermore, you can use the Insta-Pulse and Antache the anti-headache device while you jog on the Exerlopers and be on the path toward total fitness. This is my ultimate goal - to have people exercise their hearts, bodies and minds all at the same time."

Lekhtman's company, Biosig Instruments, which designs and manufactures biomedical equipment, subsidizes the boss on his inventive binges. But the ideas come from within his own mind.

He studied electrical engineering for six years and neurophysiology for another six in Moscow. Not surprisingly Lekhtman grew up in a family of inventors. His father and brother were forever fiddling with some new gadget, while Lekhtman was constructing remote control cars, ships and rockets during his formative adolescent years.

For his next trick, Lekhtman isn't planning to make a better mouse trap or re-invent the wheel. He's setting his sights even higher - a redesigned toothbrush, which will be on the market within the year. Meanwhile, would-be inventors looking to have their creations make it to the marketplace are invited to submit ideas to Lekhtman's Biosig Instruments.

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