InstaPulse Heart Rate Monitor - Baton Model
Insta-Pulse model 105

InstaPulse Heart Rate Monitor - Baton Model
Insta-Pulse model 107

InstaPulse Heart Rate Monitor - Wall model
Insta-Pulse wall model

InstaPulse Heart Rate Monitor - Bicycle model
Insta-Pulse  OEM bicycle model

Electronic Gym - OEM Fitness Diagnostics Device
Electronic Gym  OEM product

InstaPulse Heart Rate Monitors - Floor Model
InstaPulse floor model

Tele-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors, Wrist and Chest Belt Models
Tele-Pulse wrist and chest models

The of the Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors are featured in E-Factor by Dr. Bob Goldman, a widely regarded American university text book which describes the Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors as the best proven heart rate monitor available on the market.

The Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitor was invented by Gregory Lekhtman. Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors have won world wide recognition and numerous international awards.

Modern Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors uses state-of-the-art electronics through its custom designed and manufactured electronic components.

Today the patented technology of Insta-Pulse OEM Heart Rate Monitors are used by fitness equipment and fitness computer manufacturers.

Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors are ideal for personal fitness. You can share it on a jogging path with your family and friends or use it anywhere, any time, before, during and after your exercise routine. It's the perfect gift that will last for many years. Many of our customers have written to thank us for Insta-Pulse maintenance-free performance.

Model 105 represents our best known model and is the most versatile, reliable and durable fitness monitor on the market.

The patented technology of Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors don't require any cumbersome attachments. It allows you to monitor your heart rate by simply holding it in your hands during jogging or when using fitness machines.

The Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitor Model 107 has incorporated state-of-the-art technology to give it a compact size. It is a convenient pocket model for carrying with you wherever you go.

Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors are water and shock resistant and provide long lasting operation on a standard 9-volt battery.

The floor and wall models of Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors are the most widely known and preferred heart rate monitoring instruments used by clubs, schools and fitness institutions around the world. Their rugged design is made to withstand heavy traffic in the fitness club environment. These Insta-Pulse models have been used by astronauts for fitness training.

Insta-Pulse OEM heart rate monitors are highly regarded in the fitness industry using Insta-Pulse patented technology. We offer heart rate modules for fitness and electronic equipment manufacturing. The miniature models are made by surface mount, hybrid and custom microchip technology. Standard models are available as well as custom designed and manufactured fitness computers. For more information please inquire.


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