Now there's no need to be tied to your exercise machine. Enjoy the most efficient workout in total freedom with the patented Insta-Runner which is unsurpassed in its effectiveness and versatility as a home exercise device.

The patented Insta-Runner combines Exerlopers running shoes with a unique collapsible running stand which provides a workout for the upper and lower body. The swiveling, adjustable handel bars provide resistance to the arms and upper body during running in place on Exerlopers. The Insta-Runner is lightweight and easily disassembled for storage and transport.

Just 10 to 15 minutes a day using the Insta-Runner is like a half-hour jog, but without the unnecessary strain. Together, Insta-Runner , Exerlopers and Insta-Pulse provide an affordable space age total fitness system. The recipient of many international invention awards, Insta-Runner has been featured in many international publications.

Insta-Runner - a patented, total freedom, total body exercise machine.


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